Zhong Jia Securities is an Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Broker No.1035) and a Licensed Corporation (CE No. BHO840) with the Securities and Futures Commission in respect of carrying out the regulated activity of Dealing in Securities (Type 1).

Zhong Jia provides local securities trading services, as well as reliable and convenient electronic trading platforms to assist our clients to place orders or make investments speedily. We provide an easy and user-friendly online trading platform for our clients to capture every investment opportunity. To facilitate our clients’ effective management of their account and settlement activities, our trading and investment services are complemented with a full set of streamlined and well-designed account management services that encompass the provision of secure and reliable clearing and settlement procedures, securities real-time quotes, as well as the timely issuance of daily and monthly statements of account. We also provide various services, including collection of cash dividend, bonus shares / warrants, IPO subscription, rights subscription, exercise of warrants stock consolidation/ splitting, etc.