Securities Transaction Cost
Commission (Phone Trading) 0.20% of transaction amount (Min $150) Negotiable
Commission (Online Trading) 0.15% of transaction amount (Min $100) Negotiable
Stamp Duty 0.1% of transaction amount (Effective from 17 November 2023) less than $1 is counted as $1
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount
SEHK Trading Fee 0.00565% of transaction amount
Financial Reporting Council transaction levy 0.00015% on gross amount (rounded up to the nearest cent)
CCASS Clearing Fee 0.006% of transaction amount Min $5.00
Max $200.00
Debit / Credit Interest Rate
Credit Balance of Client Account 0.01% Min. $10,000.00
Late Settlement for Cash / Custodian Client 10.375%
Late Settlement for Margin Client 8.625%%
Dividend Collection
Scrip Fee (cash/scrip dividend and bonus warrant/rights) $1.50 per board lot
HKSCC Collection and Handling Fee 0.12% of the gross amount of dividend plus handling charge $20 Max $10,000
Corporate Actions Fee
Warrant Conversion; Rights
Subscription; or Cash Offer/ Open Offer
$50.00 Handling charge for each event plus
reimbursement cost of $0.80 per lot
Unclaimed Dividend/Bonus
$300.00 per claim on top of total cost of claim
Other Fees
Transfer Deed $5.00 per transfer deed, seller only
Physical Stock Withdrawal $5.00 Per board lot Min. $50.00
Stock Registration Fee $2.50 per board lot(script fee included and 
$100 handling charge for each event )
S.I. Fee to other bank/brokerage firm
through CCASS
0.0020% of the stock value Min. $100.00
Max. $200.00
Per Stock
S.I. Deposit Free
Handling Charges for Dishonor Cheque $150.00
IPO Subscription - Full payment $40.00 per application
IPO Subscription - Margin $100.00 per application
Retrieve Monthly Statement 
(3 months ago or over)
$50 per month Within three months:
free of charge
Placing Negotiable

Remarks: We do not accept any third party deposit (whether via bank transfer, remittance, cashier's order, cheque deposit, etc.). If the deposit is identified as third party deposit, we reserve the right to reject the deposit and will not credit the fund to your Zhong Jia’s accounts. You are fully liable to all bank charges incurred and related risk involved. We are not responsible for any costs, interest charges of banks incurred, and any loss involved between the client and the third party in connection with such rejection.
*In case of any change on service standards and fee schedules, please refer to "Fee" Sections of the respective service on the web site. No separate notification will be sent in due course.
*The rates and fees indicated herein are for customer's reference only. All of the above fees may be subject to change without prior notice.
# Effective from 1 Feb 2018.